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At Rivershore we do things a little bit different with pay as you go power. We believe it’s a fair system especially, with our huge sites that cater for the biggest rigs out there. We are always looking to be up front about the charge and provide as much guidance as we can. We can confidently say that power is between $1 – $3 for 95% of vans and far less if you are camping or have solar panel setups.

In February 2018 the average power charge across all caravan, RV and camping guests was $1.76/day.

Power is charged at a simple $0.20kWh which is cheaper than any household in Australia. So anything you plug in at Rivershore is charged less than if you plugged in at home.

There’s a number of reasons to why we choose to do this:

  • Primarily we don’t want smaller setups subsiding large setups with a flat power charge.
  • We are committed to environmental sustainable practices throughout the resort such as our bio retention pits and huge solar panel setup to name a couple, power usage throughout the park is significantly reduced, as we have created more power conscious campers.
    • When power was not being charged in our first month of operation we were monitoring power and there were some campers using up to $7 of power and most between $3 – $5 and since turning on the power charge, most are between $1 – $3 and at absolute most $4 a day. This is a dramatic reduction in power usage across the park.
  • A flat fee power fee takes the worst case scenario and applies a high flat fee to capture all campers. The majority of campgrounds and holiday parks charge around $5 – 7 more from an unpowered site to a powered site. 95% of our campers are charged no more than $3 per day and if, someone just wants access to power for charging phones and computers they will only get charged at most $0.20.

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